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  • Hello world



  • my personal views … from now on with this blog
  • Einbürgerung der Muslime in westliche Staaten?
  • Summary of all my comments
  • Allemagne: Un opéra aux nus
  • Astronomy Picture of the Day
  • videos for recreation
  • debate about Crop Circles


  • 5 préceptes chinoises pour femmes


  • Das Leben als Geniekind


  • more diving videos
  • NOS ORIGINES (africaines) CELESTES
  • Parkinson: les raisons du tremblement
  • Larry King’s UFO debate


  • Realität Lüge Ego-Aufgabe
  • Neurosciences: nos neurones
  • Ein noch anderer Schöpfungsmythos


  • Fundamentalism in the brain and in the society
  • My diving diary – 20th sept 08
  • Ethik – bzw. Einsatz für die Menschheit vs. Geld als Anreiz


  • … auf Kosten deines Nächsten …
  • Zyschtigs-Club vom 21. Okt. auf SF1
  • entwicklungshemmende Verhaltensmuster … oder das Angst-Prinzip


  • RIM BANNA à Genève
  • Découvert un trésor des TPG Genevois, le SNOTPG


  • … trouvé pendant le reveil
  • Some Asian scooter traffic videos
  • Geld, Gier und Grössenwahn



  • Wolf im Schnee


  • UBS Bonuszahlung nach Staatsintervention
  • Arbeitet die UBS mit Buebe-Trickli?
  • Compléments alimentaires / about Food complements


  • Realitäten und Spinngewebe
  • About democracy and development


  • das Buch: Machtwechsel auf Erden


  • videos with Jery Ryan
  • More on Christoph Rehage’s big China walk
  • Die Atheisten kommen!


  • UBS: Abzocker, BONIs und die Rolle der Politik
  • Todesflug AF 447 wird immer mysteriöser


  • AUSZUG aus Tagebuchabschrift vom 10.-12.Juli 1962
  • attac Schweiz – Sommeruni und Jahresversammlung 2009


  • videos with Brent Spiner alias Data


  • Gunther von Hagens Zürcher Leichenschau
  • No Economic Recovery in Sight: More Financial Chaos Ahead
  • G20 goes global


  • Farrakhan: Swine flu vaccine – a plot to cull overpopulation (?)


  • se vacciner? … NON MERCI
  • c’est quoi, la paix?


  • ETs – ja oder nein
  • Swissness in danger – the minarets and we
  • Politische Sachzwänge … und wir alle












  • no post in November 2010 … I was for divings in Thailand;


2011-01-06: Abu Dhabi Scientists Create Desert Rainstorms: Report;
2011-01-07: Humans Have Intentionally Modified Weather for Military Purposes and Climate Control for Decades;
2011-01-10: a CSETIweb-Interview;
2011-01-15: German watchdog monitoring English Wikipedia;
2011-01-16: TRANSIT OF THE ISS DURING THE SOLAR ECLIPSE, of January 4, 2011 from OMAN;
2011-01-20: Statistics für alle HBB-blogs;
2011-01-21: Wer für alles offen ist, ist nicht ganz dicht;
2011-01-29: again: on Astronomic Picture of the Day APOD;
2011-02-01: Restoring A Sense Of Pleasure;
2011-02-06: Unruhen in Ägypten – alle Infos für Urlauber;
2011-02-13: Revolution is About Critical Mass;
2011-02-13: Dakar, 4th day of the World Social Forum 2011;
2011-02-16: dreams for Swiss Alps pleasures;
2011-02-22: Cholesterol doesn’t predict stroke for women;
2011-02-25: Flamenco beauty;
2011-03-28: Basler Fasnacht 2011 – Cortège;
2011-03-30: High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program HAARP;
2011-04-04: It’s Getting Better – an excerpt;
2011-04-15: my good old nostalgic Beatles;
2011-04-26: Krishnamurti about the Real Revolution, Parts 1 and 2;
2011-05-11: About Digital Deception;
2011-05-23: Quo Vadis, les PS de l’Europe de l’Ouest;
2011-05-27: Wilkerson on Congressional Reaction to Netanyahu;
2011-06-02: Zahi Hawass seeks secret chambers in the Pyramid of Cheops;
2011-06-08: Dr.Steven Greer’s CSETI Workshop and Lecture;
2011-06-25: Frage zum Begriff Sekten-Aufklärung;
2011-07-06: diving dreams;
2011-07-14: Philosophisches Zauberstück;
2011-07-18: Videos about some possible diving destinations;
2011-08-02: fast-Sommer 2011, nichts zu klagen;
2011-08-10: News for Swiss Politics;
2011-08-12: Conversations with Dr. Steven Greer;
2011-08-23: The muddled politics of Libya;;
2011-08-24: what about politics;
2011-08-24: Latinos: Who Are We And Why Are We Here?
2011-08-25: India renews interest in IPI project, keeps eye on TAPI;
2011-08-25: Auch Bischöfe sollten bei der Wahrheit bleiben;
2011-08-26: Libya as a model for redividing the Middle East;
2011-08-26: Schweizer Fussballraudis;
2011-08-26: Éléction Fédérales 2011: le franc fort et Fukushima;
2011-08-27: Riotgate: Dispatch from East London;
2011-08-28: Norway’s Terror as Systemic Destabilization;
2011-08-29: Ready to Rumble for Jobs, Not War and More Weapons?
2011-08-30: Idiot Wind: The Eternal Return of the Politics of the 1970s;
2011-08-31: The politics of anti-secular scholarship.
2011-09-01: Nick Beams addresses SEP conferences in Sydney and Melbourne;
2011-09-02: In America The Rule Of Law Is Vacated;
2011-09-03: The Road From Capitalism to Socialism and Why The US is F…;
2011-09-04: Four Heretical Thoughts and More … ;
2011-09-05: Chile’s students strike for free and public education;
2011-09-06: Robert Fisk: For 10 years, we’ve lied to ourselves to avoid asking the one real question;
2011-09-07: Sheehan calls for grassroots revolt against robber class;
2011-09-08: The price;
2011-09-08: Perlen aus der Schweizer TV-Archiv-Schatulle;
2011-09-09: Germany’s Left Party and Nichi Vendola offer their services to the EU;
2011-09-10: Qatar, growth and diversification: What to do about Al-Jazeera?
2011-09-11: The post-9/11 decade of lies;
2011-09-12: A political trap for Chinese workers;
2011-09-12: Das internationale Genf: Nach Calmy-Rey die Sintflut?
2011-09-13: Franc Suisse trop fort et Budget Fédéral;
2011-09-14: The Julian Assange affect echoes in the Valley;
2011-09-15: Poor response worsens Pakistan flood crises;
2011-09-16: Gehört die Schweiz jetzt zur EU?
2011-09-17: Corporate media promotes Republican ultra-right;
2011-09-17: Corruption;
2011-09-18: Culture of credit seducing Swiss youth;
2011-09-19: Soros’ and Sunstein’s joint censorship strategy;
2011-09-20: Johannes Agnoli zum negativen Potential in der Subversion;
2011-09-21: This constant mind rape;
2011-09-22: Should Labor Fight to Revive U.S. Manufacturing?
2011-09-23: A Civil Society Strategy for Revitalizing the Left;
2011-09-24: Rome wasn’t burned in a day: replacing liberal timidity with leftist passion;
2011-09-25: The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia;
2011-09-26: Will China’s Rise Spoil the Trans-Atlantic Relationship?
2011-09-27: Chris Hedges: Occupy Wall Street is where the hope of America lies;
2011-09-27: Left, right, left … ;
2011-09-28: The road ahead for Labour;
2011-09-29: Ed Miliband’s new era: this is a lurch to the Right, not the Left;
2011-09-30: Render unto Rove the things that are rogue, and unto God the things that are God’s;
2011-10-01: The Occupy Wall Street Movement;
2011-10-02: Ritz justice;
2011-10-03: What Kind of Education Does our Direct (Swiss) Democracy Require?
2011-10-04: Sami Aldeeb: Le Coran a été écrit par un rabbin;
2011-10-04: Open-ended Wall Street occupation;
2011-10-05: Majority of US college students never get degrees;
2011-10-06: Class warfare, indeed;
2011-10-06: Occupy Wall Street protests – live coverage … and more;
2011-10-07: 1936 anti-fascist London battle has resonance today;
2011-10-08: The dead begin to speak up in India;
2011-10-08: Occupy This;
2011-10-09: The Five Macro Crises of Our Times;
2011-10-10: Czech leader says more European integration is fatally wrong;
2011-10-11: Slavoj Žižek Speaks to Occupy Wall Street;
2011-10-12: Next Stop is Pakistan;
2011-10-12: Impossible la révolution en Suisse?
2011-10-13: Occupy Wall Street Works With Cops to Keep Order in Zuccotti Park;
2011-10-14: Is Time Ripe to Abandon the IMF?
2011-10-15: People’s Rights Must not Be Levered out;
2011-10-15: Féminisme et mutilations sexuelles;
2011-10-16: Occupy Wall Street OWS and The American Autumn: Is It a Colored Revolution? Part I;
2011-10-17: Untold Story of Mass Murder by Church and State in Canada;
2011-10-18: The test of bloody Sunday;
2011-10-19: Amy Goodman interviews John Perkins;
2011-10-20: Add women and stir;
2011-10-21: Let Our Farmers Grow Hemp;
2011-10-17: Untold Story of Mass Murder by Church and State in Canada;
2011-10-18: The test of bloody Sunday;
2011-10-19: Amy Goodman interviews John Perkins;
2011-10-20: Add women and stir;
2011-10-21: Let Our Farmers Grow Hemp;
2011-10-21: Eine hoch entwickelte, technische Gesellschaft beendet alle Diskriminierungen oder zerstört sich selbst;
2011-10-22: What lies behind the rescue of the Euro?
2011-10-23: The 1% who get the gold mine (we get the shaft);
2011-10-24: The Planned Rescue Package Must not Be Introduced;
2011-10-24: No governments needed, humanity’s future is cooperation;
2011-10-25: Muslim immigrants want Switzerland to change national flag;
2011-10-25: Hugo Chavez has about two years to live;
2011-10-26: In a Manner Neither Forceful or Foolish;
2011-10-27: The Visual Du Jour – Class Warfare Winners and Losers;
2011-10-27: Oakland Spends Millions in Attack on Occupy Protesters, Closes 5 Schools Next Day;
2011-10-28: Bonded slaves;
2011-10-29: We shall not be moved: Police repression, official mendacity and why OWS has already overcome;
2011-10-29: Nouveau livre: Une nouvelle GauCHe en Suisse;
2011-10-30: Canadian Government Announces Multi-Billion Dollar Warship Building Program;
2011-10-30: Europa: Schulden und soziale Kämpfe … und die Schweiz?
2011-10-31: Possible Setback for Bailout Plans: German Constitutional Court Halts Special Euro Panel;
2011-10-31: Statistics October 2011;
2011-11-01: Occupy Wall Street turns to pedal power;
2011-11-02: The too-many-people myth;
2011-11-03: Dust bowl looms if US Southwest drought plans fail;
2011-11-03: Was wird mit den 99%;
2011-11-04: Public view of the Occupy Wall Street movement as of October 2011;
2011-11-05: appeal by WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange against extradition dismissed;
2011-11-06: Breaking down language barriers with translated English-language results;
2011-11-07: Features: Understanding the climate change negotiations;
2011-11-08: You Say You Want A Revolution;
2011-11-08: can we stop an economic systemic crash?
2011-11-09: 2011 City of Sydney Peace Prize Lecture;
2011-11-10: Locally Produced Crops for Locally Consumed Products;
2011-11-11: Chicago Board of Trade: Playland for Asses;
2011-11-11: Fahrenheit 11/11/11;
2011-11-12: Postmodern Imperialism – An interview with Eric Walberg;
2011-11-13: Mapping the Wilderness: An Interview with Alexi Zentner;
2011-11-13: Dark Loft: Dark Loft (self-released);
2011-11-14: Global Governance and Criminal Plutocracy;
2011-11-15: Pakistan one of the poorest countries;
2011-11-16: What Will the Next Phase of Occupy Wall Street Take Us?
2011-11-17: Spiegel Cover-Story: A Disturbing New Dimension of Far-Right Terror;
2011-11-18: Here’s the Risk: OCCUPY ends up doing the bidding of the global elite;
2011-11-17: Crash Tax: Reparations to the 99%;
2011-11-17: OWS International Day of Action;
2011-11-18: The 8 True Causes of Deficits and the Debt;
2011-11-19: What’s in a brand? The amazing success of The Co-operative Group;
2011-11-20: Will the euro be destroyed by ideologues?
2011-11-21: Stuck In A Weimar World? Rich and Poor;
2011-11-22: Crowd Sourcing: Help us find out who else plans to attack Occupy Wall Street;
2011-11-23: Change the system, not the climate;
2011-11-24: The Last Whistleblowers;
2011-11-24: Les enfants d’Odienné demandent plus de sécurité et l’accès à une éducation de qualité;
2011-11-25: We Are The 99% – But Are We?
2011-11-27: Are Donor Countries Reneging on L’Aquila Promises?
2011-11-28: Egyptian Crisis gives Syria Time to Talk about Democracy;
2011-11-28: Le Projet Bassi Bonga;
2011-11-29: Egypt: Then and now;
2011-11-30: The Occupy Wall Street uprising and the US labour movement;
2011-12-01: The 1%’s leaders allow a million children to die every month from preventable poverty;
2011-12-01: Muslim-Mädchen schneiden in Sporttest am schlechtesten ab;
2011-12-02: Cultural materialism and identity politics;
2011-12-03: People’s Movement: There must be a referendum on ESM;
2011-12-04: Former Mossad chief: Israeli attack on Iran must be stopped to avert catastrophe;
2011-12-05: Heart Health: busting the saturated fat myth;
2011-12-05: Le point sur les sévices sexuels en Afrique;
2011-12-06: Breaking bad publicity in the chemistry lab;
2011-12-06: Slash and Burn Capitalism;
2011-12-07: Families are not factories;
2011-12-08: Anti-capitalism for absolute beginners;
2011-12-09: Occupation Nation: The Militarization of Police;
2011-12-09: stupid … I cannot let these questions;
2011-12-10: Goldman Sachs dictatorship – Hitler’s dream;
2011-12-10: again dreams for divings;
2011-12-11: Is the Lion Man a Woman?
2011-12-12: Jeffrey Sachs: That’s not a free market, that’s a game;
2011-12-13: CUPE National: Move Your War Room To Toronto Now;
2011-12-13: Gottlos glücklich – Die Geschichte der;
2011-12-14: Cleveland: Homesteading plan to put refugees in vacant homes;
2011-12-15: Occupy Wall Street: Poverty and Rising Social Inequality, Interrogating Democracy in America;2011-12-16: What a Difference an Occupation Makes;
2011-12-17: Class and Capitalism in the Gulf;
2011-12-18: An opportunity to remake Pakistan;
2011-12-18: UNO und USA heben Libyen-Sanktionen auf;
2011-12-19: Say NO to the Use of the Military in the United States;
2011-12-20: Occupy Wall Street OWS Meets Winter;
2011-12-21: Occupy and the tasks of socialists;
2011-12-22: SNC calls for action to halt Idlib massacre;
2011-12-23: Masanga Educational Assistance (MEA Project);
2011-12-23: Assistance Educative à Masanga (le projet MEA);
2011-12-24: Egypt: Where they have burned books … ;
2011-12-25: Surrender or will to defense?
2011-12-26: quelques reflexions avec Frank Lepage;
2011-12-26: Military to Designate U.S. Citizens as Enemy During Collapse;
2011-12-27: A tribute to Steve Bantu Biko;
2011-12-28: Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting Continues Its Disgusting Apologetics for the Corporate Media;
2011-12-29: Why Faculty Should Join Occupy Movement Protesters on College Campuses;
2011-12-30: On the death of Kim Jong-Il;
2011-12-30: Inside Story – North Korea’s untested young Kim;
2011-12-31: Egypt security forces storm NGO offices;
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