September 17th, 2011

My comment to the article Corporate media promotes Republican ultra-right:

  • The big part of small people in this humanity developped the conscousness of being eternal victims, thus needing always strong mum/daddy/presidents making it for them.
  • All rainmakers and their right wing old boys networks in any country learned since decades to play victoriously with contradictions between people’s need for help and the MUST of own taken responsibility, becoming able to shame and shut down any progressist/leftist adversary wanting help these peoples.
  • Progressists must not only learn to win these battles of words, more, we must accept ourselves and learn people to go on with life’s existing contradictions, and refuse any corruption in thinking by false mum/daddy/president’s superpower promises.
  • As long as we run behind thus corrupted people, we are not leaders, but just begging a corrupted job, trying to guide a failing corrupted humanity.
  • Rainmakers can only win with the help of our own misguided phantasy.

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