Soros’ and Sunstein’s joint censorship strategy

September 19th, 2011

Published on Intrepid Report (first published in the Wayne Madsen Report), by Wayne Madsen, September 15, 2011.

WMR has recently learned that international financier George Soros, a major backer of President Obama and other Democrats, does not take criticism lightly. In fact, Soros has been engaging in a tactic usually favored by right-wing corporations: shutting down critics with a legal instrument known as a strategic lawsuit against public participation SLAPP.

SLAPP suits are intended to silence critics by forcing them into expensive litigation stemming from charges of libel. Ultimately, the charged parties are forced to retract unfavorable articles or be faced into bankruptcy as the result of costly judgments … //

… Soros and his lawyers have not shown any signs of backing down in its SLAPP tactics against critics of his themed revolutions. However, with more publicity, George Soros’s Internet disruption tactics may go the way of Righthaven, a company that specialized in using copyright infringement lawsuits against websites and bloggers availing themselves of Fair Use provisions in order to force them into costly litigation and ultimate bankruptcy.

Righthaven, facing legal blowback from its activities, recently filed for bankruptcy. Hopefully, Mr. Soros will also face such blow-back with his insidious scheming and relationship to Obama’s and Sunstein’s draconian information policies being exposed for all the world to see. (full text).

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Wayne Madsen.

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