Open-ended Wall Street occupation (OWS)

October 4th, 2011

See directly: Occupy Wall Street OWS’ live stream on … then Watch this video, 2.42 minutes, published on RTnews, October 4, 2011:

  • The group of protesters on the streets of New York continues to grow, and now war veterans are joining in to show their support.
  • The brutal showdown on Brooklyn Bridge, where over 700 people were arrested, spawned another protest near City Hall.
  • Protesters are planning another demonstration, this time directly outside of City Hall, RT’s Marina Portnaya reported.
  • The purpose of this protest is to call on the city to drop all charges against nearly 800 activists who were arrested on Saturday evening. Those arrests took place when “Occupy Wall Street” protesters marched onto the Brooklyn Bridge, causing it to be shut down in one direction.
  • US soldiers and veterans are expected to join the protest near City Hall. They said they will be coming out to protect protesters from another brutal confrontation with the New York Police Department.
  • The group of protesters is constantly expanding, and with the servicemembers joining the protests, the marches will be getting much more attention.
  • The “Occupy Wall Street” movement is promising more marches against corporate greed, and the demonstrations are expected to continue throughout the week.
  • Meanwhile, during a news conference at United Nations headquarters on Monday, billionaire George Soros said that he sympathizes with protesters and completely understands the frustrations of small business owners.

… watch more videos about on RTnews’ right column … (full text).


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