can we stop an economic systemic crash?

November 8th, 2011

The right questions should be:

1) are we able to make a consciously managed systemic change (crash)?

  • a) advantages: we are free to decide our future;
  • b) disadvantages/need: we should write off our assets and invest a big part of our energy and time to create consent for a new economic system.

2) or shall we need the experience that no more any manipulation will save the joke?

  • a) advantages: we have nothing to do. For a while we can enjoy our normal business, problems, pleasures, … the crash will arrive by itself. And we are relieved the pain for consent with bluddy people around us having nothing understood.
  • b) disadvantages/need: the end can be really painfull.

(Linked on our blog with You Say You Want A Revolution).

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