what about the obligation to know

April 15th, 2010

Linked with Stanley Milgram – USA (1933 – 1984), showing at the end many links about this experience.

A debate about a film made by a french Swiss, repeating Stanley Milgram’s experience on submission to obedience.

I have not seen the film, but I read Stanley’s book some 30 years ago. Now the debate goes about the right to misuse people to repeat Stanley’s experience. And about getting the same results: an overwhelming part of humans are ready to inflict pain to their fellows, when receiving the order. Pain ending mostly in the so called death of the victim. 

At the end probands were told that all was only a test, and the victim was an actor, crying correctly belonging to the so called inflicted pain.

The argument against this film: probands feel very bad now, they have got psychological harms.

My reaction: IF we are a predator humanity, an egoist, selfish humankind running with open eyes into the crash of our civilization, maybe we are killing ourselves through economic misbehavior, through climate change - and I would add: by being not able to educate the next generation - then there are two results possible: or we go on and know that we will crash (many believe this), or we change ourselves (by whatever we are able to do for).

If we chose to change, we have to know exactly how we are. There is no other way.

So, the real question is: do we are able to stand some psychological hits, or shall we crash with the sweet dreams of our illusions?

But remember: already the catholic church had not allowed that people know truths (science, for example, and more). You may forget that already then some elites had the right to know these truths, only if some guy told it to people he was killed.

Now tell me: what has really changed today? Has people to remain with their illusions about themselves? Are only elites able to stand the truth? Who decides what rights we have. The right for illusions or the right to know.

But what about the necessity to know, means, the obligation? (This, if we believe being able to survive as humanity, as civilization).

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