People’s Movement: There must be a referendum on ESM

December 3rd, 2011

Published on Current Concerns no. 26, by Dr phil Titine Kriesi, November 21, 2011, (Translation by Current Concerns).

People’s Movement is an Irish interest group dedicated to protecting the Irish neutrality, defending Ireland’s sovereignty and advocating for democracy and social justice. “People’s Movement” is committed to the achievement of a referendum against the European Stability Mechanism ESM, for which she has now received the support of 27 members of parliament from different parties and one member of the European Parliament. It demands for all citizens the full truth on ESM and its implications for Ireland’s financial industry for decades to come … // 

… Thus, Ireland will lose an entire generation. Who does not remember the time of the Great Famine from 1845 to 1849, when over 1 million Irishmen had to emigrate to America, while in the same period the British colonial rulers were exporting more wheat than ever from Ireland to England.

People’s Movement demands referendum against ESM:

In 1987, Raymond Crotty, Irish historian and economist, initiated a legal action in the High Court against the Irish government. The case directly led to the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution of Ireland and established that significant changes to the European Union treaties required an amendment to the Irish constitution – always done by means of a referendum – before they could be ratified by the state. In connection with the proposed introduction of the ESM People’s Movement refers to this democratic imperative and calls for a referendum. In Ireland, the refusal to hold a referendum clearly breaches the Crotty Judgement of the Supreme Court. The EU’s proposal to introduce the ESM, would go to the expense of what is left of Irish souvereignty and democracy. The ESM is fraught with danger for the citizens of the Irish state and for the democratic rights of peoples throughout the EU. The change of EU treaties must be ratified anyway by all 27 EU member states. If Ireland and other countries would say no, the ESM would be invalid. The EU authorities are very anxious to avoid a referendum in any EU state on the establishment of the ESM. All the more People’s Movement is fighting for a referendum and is hoping for further support.

People’s Movement believes that the referendum stands for debate in parliament later this year. (full text).

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