Heart Health: busting the saturated fat myth

December 5th, 2011

Published on The Cholesterol Truth, by editor, December 1, 2011.

Eating saturated fat can cause blood cholesterol levels to rise. This fact, as well as the belief that cholesterol causes heart disease, is at the basis of the advice we’re often given to avoid saturated fat … (full text and free newsletter).  

My comment: my personally experienced reality lets me go now only to natural medecine. Look, life is dangerous, as we can die of it, but:  nature brought us to life, nature is what our bodies lived in since thousands of ears … and: pharmaceutical industries are not our friends – they need us, but we do not need them … that’s it.

Yes, one day we will die, but why should I destroy the relation between my body and nature, just for a small longer time at the end, full of disease, with fear to die, being cut from my source, this nature which is our mother …

My doctor, a really nice and lovely women, wanted fill me up with medics, because of the beginning of diabetics and too much cholesterol. Instead I turned away to green stuff and complements etc. etc., and most important: eat 1/4 – yes, eat only the half is not enough … but then, 74 years old, I was able to go twice 6 weeks to enjoy diving vacations in Thailand.

The difficulty surges when you come back from divings. Then your body is used to work hard every day and has learned to accept again more food. When back we move lesser than 3-4 divings per day – in any way, despite we make sports – and thus we have to reduce again quickly our food amount. THEN occurs a hard moment, because even we have no more diabetes, when again we eat too much in relation to our movement, diabetes may come back … so we have to watch us again. Ok, that’s life … but we can make best of it. Isn’t it?


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