Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting Continues Its Disgusting Apologetics for the Corporate Media

December 28th, 2011

Published on A Tiny Revolution, by Jonathan Schwarz, December 17, 2011.

… Hart writes: In this bizarre re-telling, Saddam Hussein’s support for Hamas and a plot to kill George H. W. Bush seem to matter more than the bogus stories about Iraq’s WMDs.

Notice the sleight of hand? There was no evidence at the time in 1993 that Saddam actually tried to assassinate Bush, Sr. and there’s no evidence now, after we invaded the country and seized all their government officials and files. 

Yet this doesn’t stop Peter “Goebbels” Hart from “overlooking” the Washington Post’s falsehood and oh-so-coincidentally repeating it as unquestioned fact…all the while posing as an opponent of the media’s deceit! If the Soviet Union had had paid liars as sophisticated as Mr. Hart, they’d still be in business today.

BUT SERIOUSLY: It really goes to show how deep the propaganda goes in the U.S. that even FAIR missed this one. I’m sure I myself miss ten things like it every day. God only knows how much of the “history” we all have in our heads is fabricated. (full text).

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