Index January 2012

January 31st, 2012

2012-01-01: Where are the world’s labourers migrating for jobs? Think China?
2012-01-02: Occupy USA Democracy is Coming Lyrics by Leonard Cohen;
2012-01-03: … Things we forgot to write about last year …;
2012-01-04: Between a rock and a hard place;
2012-01-05: Inverted Under the Ice;
2012-01-06: Why is the (UK) government trying to destroy a nascent solar industry?
2012-01-07: How can the UN get its act together on food and agriculture?
2012-01-08: SAKENA YACOOBI – Woman of Afghanistan 2011;
2012-01-09: Imperialism and the Anti-Imperialism of the Fools;
2012-01-10: Grundeinkommen – DER FILM;
2012-01-11: China and India: Rival Middle East strategies;
2012-01-12: Wreck divings: Thistlegorm;
2012-01-12: World Puja Network Show – Conversations with Dr. Steven Greer;
2012-01-13: India: Land of Energy Opportunity;
2012-01-14: US tribunal urges trial of WikiLeaks suspect;
2012-01-15: 1942 – Geopolitical considerations have priority over ideology and the presently ruling system;
2012-01-16: Money As Debt;
2012-01-16: Ueli Gurtner – Revolutionär wider Willen;
2012-01-17: Occupy Together: #F29 Shut Down the Corporations;
2012-01-17: Nestlé vor Gericht wegen Überwachung von Attac;
2012-01-18: Syrian legislators join anti-Assad uprising;
2012-01-19: NEWS AND REPORTING: A Financial Nest-Egg for Every American Baby?
2012-01-20: Sergey Rachmaninoff on YouTube;
2012-01-21: The Afghan Dust is Settling;
2012-01-22: Bangladeshi man bears scars of torture;
2012-01-23: The Quiet Revolution;
2012-01-24: Collapse of the Celtic Tiger;
2012-01-25: The World War on Democracy;
2012-01-26: Julian Assange starts Wikileaks TV show;
2012-01-27: Ahmadinejad offers nuclear talks;
2012-01-28: More Wreck divings;
2012-01-29: Wall Street, Small Business, and the Limits of Corporate Personhood;
2012-01-30: MILITARY JUSTICE: The Bradley Manning Article 32 Hearing;
2012-01-30: Lettre d’information proPhilo Janvier 2012;
2012-01-31: Neo-liberalism and the ongoing economic assault on ordinary Canadians;
2012-01-31: DEUTER in YouTube’s autoplay.

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