Julian Assange starts Wikileaks TV show

January 26th, 2012

Published on The Washington Post /National, by Melissa Bell, January 24, 2012.

… The television show could be the best format for the former world traveler to get his message out — so long as it’s filmed at his current home. He’s currently under house arrest in Britian where he awaits a court decision on whether or not he should be extradited to Sweden to face allegations of sexual assault. 

There are few details about the show, other than that it will air in March and requsts for licensing deals can be sent through Quick Roll Productions, a Web site that the Associated Press discovered only launched two weeks ago.

Assange founded Wikileaks in 2006, and skyrocketed to fame with the release of more than 250,000 classified diplomatic cables online. The cables have been credited with fomenting the Arab Spring, but they’ve landed Assange in the international spotlight, with the U.S. government starting a grand jury investigation of Assange, possibly for conspiracy.

Assange has kept out of the spotlight much of the past year while under house arrest in Britian, though he recently gave an extensive interview to Rolling Stone. He told reporter Michael Hastings he had been closely following the trial of Bradley Manning, an Army private accused of leaking the diplomatic cables to Wikileaks. (full text).

Link: Julian Assange extradited to Sweden—high comedy or political drama, by Siv O’Neall, November 18, 2012. Linked on our blogs with Siv O’Neall, Sweden.

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