Greece in Flames: the Prelude of the European Revolution

February 16th, 2012

Published on ZNet, by Savas Michael-Matsas, February 14, 2012.

The worst fears of the ruling classes of Greece and Europe are becoming true: an uncontrollable social explosion is under way in Greece. *

When these lines are written, late in the night on February 12-13, 2012, the violent clashes and street fights between demonstrators and the riot police, in the center of Athens and in other cities all over the country, still continue.

The phony majority that just voted in Parliament the new package of measures of social cannibalism imposed by the troika of the EU, the European Central Bank, and the IMF cannot and will not stop the Greek social wild fire to expand in the country and spread beyond Greece, all over Europe and internationally.

The popular rally in Syntagma Square Sunday, February 12 was literally gigantic: nearly a million people converged in the Square in front of the Parliament from all the neighborhoods of the Greek capital, in a mass mobilization that superseded in magnitude and fighting spirit every previous one, including the huge rallies during the General Strikes of June and October 2011 … //

… The political personnel of the bourgeoisie is decimated. Many attempts were made in these last months to create new bourgeois political parties – and more attempts certainly will come in the next period with so many bourgeois politicians becoming homeless after their expulsion – but they had no success at all so far, disappearing nearly after their first public appearance.

The political challenge comes to the Left. But the Stalinist KKE continues its self-centered policy focusing mainly to its own electoral and organizationally strengthening and keeping the slogan for a workers people’s power” a vague slogan for a very distant future; the Synaspismos, main force in SYRIZA, looks to the remnants of the excluded from PASOK to build a kind of “popular front” coalition with governmental ambitions; and the “Democratic Left,” the right wing split from Synaspismos, thanks to its good results in the polls, becomes a pole of attraction for all refugees from the right wing of PASOK, hoping to become a junior partner in a future bourgeois coalition government, replacing perhaps the far right LAOS.

The lack of any real radical alternative to the collapsing system from the parliamentary and from the centrist extra-parliamentary Left, makes the re-groupment of the vanguard fighters, particularly from the young generation, in a revolutionary internationalist Party of the proletariat the main challenge and urgent task for our own Party, the EEK.

As the social-political explosion is under the way, we keep fighting with even more determination for an indefinite General Political Strike to overthrow the government, to break with the dictatorship of the EU and the IMF, to cancel the debt to the international usurers and to re-organize the entire economy on new, socialist bases, under workers power. Our hopes are focused in our class brothers and sisters in Europe and all over the world to join us in revolutionary struggle as well as in a revolutionary International needed now more than ever before. (full text).

* (my comment: worldwide riots can also lead to harsh dictatorship, as soon as feary, small people are fed up when missing alternative leadership. Any new proposal must include full transparency, erase the smallest feodalism and racism and stop definitively any expression of social darwinism. Only then any democracy makes sense. The economic, social and cultural rights must definitivelly be part of our constitutions, going on with only the political and individual human rights is no more enough).


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