Campaign Against Female Genital Mutilation – on en.wikipedia

February 24th, 2012

Published on en.wikipedia – … first is mentionned there: This article is being considered for deletion in accordance with Wikipedia’s deletion policy … (so first my comment: Please do not delete, this is a needed information, as FGM injures about 3 Million girls per year. Many women, villages and groups in Africa and elsewhere may still have difficulties to find informations in the net, wikipedia is in itself a link inside this net. To meet wikipedia standard, the not standard contents of the campaign could be put on separate websites, with links to this campaign article. But the information about the CAMPAIGN has to remain, to help the concerned groups. May those able to work on wikipedia and create websites and blogs do this quickly).  

And now the actual text of this wikipedia-article:

The Campaign Against Female Genital Mutilation is a global campaign to eradicate female genital mutilation (FGM). The campaign links grassroots activism in countries that still practice FGM to each other to foster communication, information and strategy sharing. The mission of the campaign is to ensure that countries practicing FGM adopts a definitive strategy to end FGM and provide protection to women and girls who flee their countries for fear of being mutilated … (see full long wikipedia text).

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