Sami Aldeeb et le coran

March 7th, 2012

Voir la vidéo sur YouTube, en français/in french, 63.32 minutes.


Centre of Arab and Islamic Law, Switzerland;   

Sami Aldeeb en fr.wikipedia;
son Blog, en français et en arab;
son Conctact personnel;
Sami Aldeeb’s CV: en bref / in brief;

Sami Aldeeb in en.wikipedia:

  • born September 5, 1949 in Zababdeh, near Jenin in West Bank (Cisjordanie) is a Christian lawyer, of Palestinian origin and Swiss nationality: He directs the Center of Arab and Islamic law (in Switzerland). He was the head of the Arab and Islamic Law department in the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law from 1980 to 2009. He … teaches in various universities in Switzerland, France and Italy.
  • He is the author of many books and articles on Arab and Islamic law. He published in 2008 a bilingual edition of the Koran (Arabic – French) classifying the chapters (suras) in chronological order according to Al-Azhar, with reference to variations, abrogations and Jewish and Christian writings (see the publications). He is currently preparing a similar edition in Italian and English. He also translated the Swiss constitution into Arabic for the Confederation … (full long text).

2  videos spoken in arabic: Exorcisme au Maroc – encore une folie, publié dans Savoir ou se faire avoir, le Blog de Sami Aldeeb, mars 3, 2012, aussi sur YouTube:

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