Lorax 2-minute finale: 99% sing Let it grow, 1% Let it die

March 15th, 2012

Published on Washington’s Blog, by Carl Herman, March 13, 2012.

… The 99% in The Lorax are aware that something is wrong, but don’t know exactly what it is. They can’t see outside the wall, so they still accept their “leadership.” The 99% do their best to live in good cheer, but are concerned about visible destruction of their health and air quality.  

The plot centers around a leader among the 99%, motivated by love, who is challenged to understand their society’s true history, and is entrusted with one literal seed. The seed is opportunity and choice for the 99% to reconnect to who they really are as beings living for 100% of Earth’s inhabitants’ success.

The 1% viciously try to take the seed so the 99% will remain ignorant. Their violence only causes allies to aid the 99%’s leader. To the initial shock of the 99%, the growing leadership remove the 1%’s wall blocking the vista of the 1%’s destruction … //

… Importantly for the 1%, the split we all know exists within their ranks is shown in the story as one of their own has a Scrooge conversion to reveal their real history.

The 2-minute video is Celebrate the World, the song following the closing choice between the 99% and 1%. (full text).

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