About democracy and development

March 25th, 2009

… or in other words: what about the relation between a right wing populist party and the progressists? (today, in our western world progressists are mostly seen as lefties).   

  • Now, the real and only question for me remains: shall we ‘wait’ for real progress we imagine until this part of our population agrees for openess, sharing, internationality, accepting ’strangers’ – means no racism, etc etc … or shall we – by the reach our means by the way of some tricks – which would mean progress against the ‘people’?
  • Switzerland is a good learning place about this question: we have this fall 29 % of our voters electing a party working for closeness, non sharing with others, no responsibility for strangers, for the world, for the refugees, which they claim be only drug dealers (yes, there are some), to be only economic refugees (yes, there are many), and … women subjugation under retrograde tribal uses shall be NO reason to concede an refugee status (how many women on this planet … ? Millions? Billions?
  • This ‘retrograde’ party’s inofficial leader is compared to Haider, or the french LePen, but the parti reaches 29 % of elected parliament members …
  • … and I do not speak about the US democratic people voting for a Bush, or Germans having brought up a Hitler etc etc …
  • We progressifs in Switzerland, claiming ourselfs developed and conscious about the world, do not love that our fellows vote for closeness etc, but we can survive.
  • We are unhappy, angry, but surviving.
  • We can continue claiming democracy with the hope to convince ‘them’ one day of the good meaning of our beliefs … and they do same …

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