History: Persepolis recreated

April 4th, 2012

History: Persepolis recreated, by Omidir:

Do you like history? Do you like to know more about history of Iran? Learn about Perspolis located in Iran and see how the king of Iran, Cyrus the Great, controlled and managed the huge country in 2500 years ago! Watch the movie to see the civilization in many many years ago. I’m sure you’ll love it. Please tell us your comments and also tell about this video to others and remember this video is divided to 5 parts. Thanks for watching … Enjoy … (Omid, Iran).


IRAN – Seven Faces of a Civilization, by SonOfCyrusTheGreat:

IRAN: seven faces of a civilization is an illuminating documentary with a companion book in the style of Persepolis Recreated. This documentary showcases numerous examples of some 7000 years of Irans celebrated culture, art and architecture …


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