Where are all the women?

April 8th, 2012

Published on Progress Online, by Danny Phillips, April 5, 2012.

… Before Labour get tribal we should reflect that we too have no women standing for Inverclyde council – a council that boasts no women councillors at all – how on earth did we not see that was a problem? Also, at the 2011 Scottish parliament election Labour allowed constituencies that were represented by women to be slowly taken over by men. In fact, had Labour won more constituencies in 2011 much of the equality work of our devolution pioneers would have had a severe setback.  

But neither should we accept that all parties are the same on equality. They are not.  The SNP’s gloss hides a reactionary manly politics which leaves them and their project vulnerable.

Obviously they need the votes of women to get across the referendum finish line and they cannot possibly claim to be ‘Scotland’s party’ when, at best, they aspire to represent half of it. As for the argument they are a ‘beacon of progress’. On this evidence, gie’s peace.

Women are taking the brunt of this recession. Support for families is being attacked across the UK. Scotland has some of the highest childcare costs. And women are being pushed out of the political debate.

Ask yourself this:

If the SNP were to win a referendum, where Scottish men voted for their Braveheart independent Scotland but Scottish women voted to stay in the UK for rational economic reasons. Would Salmond have his mandate to go down to the UK, with his team of men, to start negotiations with the UK coalition team of men, to agree the Scotland everyone has to live in?

Surely even the SNP Inverclyde lads should man up and see that this is a problem. (full text).


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