Fundamentalism in the brain and in the society

September 6th, 2008

This morning I wrote a friend: Dear … , What can be observed with Islamic people who NOT want accept changes: they are unable to make a difference between their dream (here filled up with religeous stuff, often seen by their adversaries as pure garbage, ex: the 70 virgins waiting in paradise).

Fundamentalists act obsessionally to make their dream BEING their reality. But our dream ability must be used to make reality a bit better, if possible for us all. This means, the dream-adds have to be integrated into the existing reality. Not to be used to deny it.

By denying reality we produce war within ourselves. But then, as a result, we see the ‘enemy’ outside of ourselves, projecting it on the people defending this reality.

Fundamentalists of all kind, but specially in these times Islamic Fundamentalists, DO NEVER WANT accept this and claim being HURT when one comes and defends the existing reality they cannot accept (excemple: this british doctor being attacked having hurt islamic feelings, because he claims that mariages within the same clan produces degenerated babies).

In all debates with Fundamentalist they are attacked as ‘bad guys’. This brings no understanding. Fundamentalist (and here I mean ALL kind of fundamentalists) are people who are first in war within themselves, the war between their dream and their reality.

I guess the healing has to work through the awareness and acceptance of differences between dream and reality. A difference wich works for ALL humankinds, on ALL levels of our life.

If worshipping or not any God or Allah.

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