As (US)-Congress Eyes Iran Diplomacy, NOW is the Time to Engage

April 15th, 2012

Received by e-mail, From: Just Foreign Policy, Date: April 6, 2012.

Dear Supporter, A common question people ask us is, “why engage Congress about avoiding war with Iran? Isn’t the President the one who decides these matters?”   

At a panel discussion on preventing war with Iran organized by Just Foreign Policy for the March 3rd Occupy AIPAC Policy Summit, one of the three peace activist speakers, Kate Gould, Legislative Associate at the Friends Committee on National Legislation, answered this question by saying, “Congress is running the show on this issue.” From the unrelenting progression of sanctions legislation to the ever-present anti-diplomacy bill, Congress is—and has been for years—trying to push us further away from a negotiated agreement—and closer to war.

But some in Congress are trying to use their power for good: there’s currently a bill before the House, sponsored by Barbara Lee, that seeks to promote diplomacy with Iran by, among other things, pressing the administration to repeal the State Department’s “no contact” policy between US diplomats and Iranian officials.

We’re not the only ones who understand the power of Congress—it’s why organizations like AIPAC expend so much time and energy lobbying them. That’s why we urge you to engage with Congress: to counter bad legislation pushed by organizations like AIPAC as well as support good legislation, like Barbara Lee’s bill. So this is what we’re asking of you today:

If you would like to send a check instead, here’s our address: Just Foreign Policy, 4410 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, #290, Washington, DC 20016, USA;

Thank you for all you do to help bring about a more just foreign policy, Megan Iorio, Chelsea Mozen, Sarah Burns and Robert Naiman.

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