The Movement has neither won nor lost in Egypt

April 20th, 2012

Watch this video: The Movement in Egypt, 23.27 min, by Prof. Samir Amin, published on ZNet, April 19, 2012:
Interview on the correlation of forces in Egypt today and identifies the current phase as the beginning of a long period of democratic change with its ups and downs. (also on YouTube).

See also / Voir aussi:

en français: Conférence – donnée le 22 février – avec (conferentie met) Samir Amir, 43.16 min;   

Samir Amin: Egypt’s Demands, 11.29 min;

Samir Amin: The Trajectory of Historical Capitalism, Subversive film festival, 16th May 2011 (subtitled in english):  Part 1, 70.04 min;  Part 2, 33.50 min;

Lumpenbourgeoisie: … in analolgie, Lumpendevelopment would be a hybrid compound of the German word Lumpen (rags) and the english word development.

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