Greece: The Day After

June 22nd, 2012

Published on ZNet, by Nikos Raptis, June 20, 2012.

Let us start with some basics:

  • In 1775, a very important intellectual in the history of the Anglo-Saxon cultural world declared: “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel”. The man: Dr. Samuel Johnson; a Briton.
  • In any given population about one third (33 %) of the individuals in it are “assholes” (a.k.a. Conservatives, Christian-Democrats, Republicans, New-Democrats, Gaullists, etc.).

The Patriots:  

Immediately after the announcement of the results of the June 17 Parliamentary elections in Greece, the fervently patriotic people of the Rightist “New Democracy” party which placed first, with 29,68% of the votes, appeared on our TV screens with jaws clenched with determination, their foreheads raised with pride, and their eyes gazing contentedly towards the infinity. About the same time the Greek Nazis, in Pireus, the port of Athens, were beating up the people of SYRIZA, a leftist party. It is not known why the Nazis beat up the people of SYRIZA. Perhaps, they did not like the fact that SYRIZA won 26.89% of the votes, that is 2.79% less than the winning percentage and close to the statistical error. Also, the Rightists secured 129 seats in the new Parliament while the Leftists of SYRIZA, with almost the same percentage of votes, secured only … 71 seats … //

… The strange 33%:

  • The 33% of “conservatives” of any given population, as mentioned above, are a political “constant”. They are the basis for the historically occasional ASAS who rule the word. In Greece, for example, after a 7-year long brutal dictatorship (1967-1974) in a 1975 referendum to abolish the monarchy 32% (repeat, 32%) voted for the King! Two days ago, in the Greek elections the Rightists got 30% (29.68% to be exact). They are the same people who voted for the King in 1975, or their offspring. This is not the place to examine who are these 33%, or whether they are born or “manufactured”. Suffice it to say that this 33% is not only the political effluent of the human race but is, also, the foundation on which the corporate elites have built the empire that destroys the planet. Fortunately, they are all too obvious in any population. For example, in the US the (constantly decisive) conservative 33% are not only all too obvious but they are, also, very … religious.
  • [Note: In the June 18, 2012, issue of the International Herald Tribune (The Global Edition Of the New York Times) in the front page there is a huge (8.5 by 6 inches) photo of a Greek who, supposedly, is a conservative New Democracy "supporter", that reacts in agony "to the first exit poll results". As a Greek, born in Athens, and having lived in Athens for more than eight decades, I can testify that the man in the photo is not a typical "New Democracy" supporter, that is a typical upper-middle class Greek. I am sure the Greek (Alkis Konstandinidis) who took the photo will agree with me and not with the person who composed the text beneath the photo. Also, "New Democracy" is characterized as a "center-right" party, a historical absurdity. So once more, the New York Times, the paper of record, "did its thing". End of note.]
  • So Obama and his (European) minions prevailed once more. The US nuclear base at Souda Bay, in Crete, is safe. The “commies” are not in the Greek government. Thus, Obama, now, can go back to his toys; the drones. Yet, the “emperor” and his courtiers are scared. What happened in Greece with SYRIZA is deeper than what the mainstream press is “allowed” to present. However, the “emperor” knows that.
  • SYRIZA consciously approached the ordinary Greeks. It established neighborhood assemblies that deal with the problems from the bottom up. It will try to protect and help the weak in the Greek society. On the other hand, the middle-class Greeks, who are feeling the IMF attack on their skin, understand, by now, that they do not have the “luxury” to be indifferent.
  • Equally important and “scary” for the world elites is that SYRIZA could be an example and an inspiration for the ordinary people of Europe and possibly elsewhere.
  • Will they try to arrest or suffocate this movement of hope? It is certain. Do they have the means, besides violence?  Will they try to apply a Keynesian Marshall Plan to avert the spread of the SYRIZA “virus”? It is possible.

The Martyrdom:

  • From the day after the elections, for the majority of ordinary Greeks, a new “martyrdom” has started. For two or three years ahead, they will have to suffer the “presence” of politicians who it was almost certain that they would disappear from the horizon. Now, this “presence” will be a torment.
  • Even worse, will be the torment from the “presence” of the majority of Greek journalists, especially those of the privately-owned TV channels.
  • If the Right-wingers start tinkering with the state-owned TV channels, etc., then we are in for a very bad situation.

The Oath: … (full text).


The Drama of the Greek Elections, on ZNet, by Nikos Raptis, May 12, 2012;

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