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June 30th, 2012
  • Birth Of The Borg (MOV), 6.27 min, uploaded by deaddecaydead: I’ve heard numerous CANON-JARGIN from this video post, but you know what, I’ve stopped caring & choose to run with the hypothetical theories that are NOT set in CANONICAL stone …
  • Requiem of Borg, 4.12 min, uploaded by Belanna42: made from clips of Voyager about the Borg;
  • Star Trek Odyssey3.01: Tossed Upon the Shore, 127.22 min, uploaded by HiddenFrontier: In the exciting 2 hour series final of both Star Trek: Odyssey and The Helena Chronicles, both crews must fight to return the Odyssey home to ithaca… err The Milky Way in time to save both galaxies from certain destruction by ever expanding black holes, stop the Archein invasion and re-unite two star-crossed lovers. This movie completes the video portion of the Hidden Frontier Star Trek saga;
  • Star Trek The Helena Chronicles2.03: Leashed Thunder, 37.28 min, uploaded by HiddenFrontier: Danger is closing in from all sides. The crew of the Helena races to find Corey Aster and uncover the conspiracy within Starfleet! But will it be soon enough to avoid a disaster of galactic proportions?
  • Star Trek: Operation Beta Shield, 67.19 min, uploaded by ;
  • Star Trek TNG: Cogito Ergo Es, 72.07 min: This is a reedit of two, combined, Star Trek TNG episodes featuring Professor Moriarty (credits at the end). In this new version, Picard and Data will be obliged to give in to Moriarty’s demands. Here, Moriarty gets to murder Dr. Polasky too! This I did as a special favour to all Star Trek Fans who never liked this character anyway. After all, this is a Sherlock Holmes Murder Mystery so someone has to die, somewhere! Because in the original versions no one dies, Therefore Diana Muldaur has graciously “accepted” to be a victim in this “new” Murder Mystery …
  • Star Trek: Borg Episode, made from footage of the pc game, 44.13 min, uploaded by AmigaOmega: This is not a Longplay and there is no gameplay whatsoever shown in the vid. Loads of content cut. I put this video together as a type of lost episode of the series and in higher res. Footage taken from the source video (not ingame) files in lowly 320×240. I wanted to smooth the frame rate (double 15 to 30) and clean up the noise, but the footage is in such a bad way that it looked a much worse mess afterwards …
  • These Are The Voyages: Enterprise Finale Intro Fan Edit, 13.27 min, uploaded by digitalproperties: My take on a better way to have set up the final episode of Enterprise. Not a perfect solution, but a much better prologue to such a TNG heavy finale in the first place. Title sequence borrowed from video created by YouTube user “TyrannicalFascist1″ and nebula intro backdrop video from YouTube user “Bukuzoid”. Star Trek and related material copyright Paramount Pictures. No infringement or subversive intentions were implied in the creation of this YouTube fan clip;
  • Top ten Star Trek Scenes, 54.56 min, uploaded by louden10001: What I think are the Top Ten Star Trek scenes. I own nothing Star Trek, Paramount and CBS Entertainment does. I am just doing this for fun. I had a problem with #6 New Enterprise from the new Star Trek movie. So for about 1 1/2 minutes you will see a still picture. Must be copyright problem. Sorry for this goof up.

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