jail for collecting rainwater

August 14th, 2012

Oregon Man goes to jail for collecting rainwater on his land, 12.22 min, uploade by ParadoxicalProd, August 8, 2012, Medford, Oregon: Gary Harrington goes to jail for 30 days because he captured rain water in his pond;

Government Owns The RAIN! Man in JAIL for 30 days and $1,500.00 Fine for Storing RAIN WATER, 1.38 min, uploaded by Luxetti, August 10, 2012;

more videos about rainwater-jail on YouTube.

(My comment: what about the neighbors who denounced him). 

and here the opposit:

Gujarat: Rain water harvesting mandatory, 2.24 min, uploaded by newsxlive, Jul2 24, 2010: The Gujarat government has made rain water harvesting mandatory for all structures built on an area of 300 sq meters or more, offenders can be punished with a jail term or fine;

Link: Fully Informed Jury Association – see them also on en.wikipedia.

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