Which hidden agenda serves the euro region Lake of Constance/Basiliensis/Geneva?

August 31st, 2012

cc. The French historian Pierre Hillard has examined die EU’s regionalisation policy, which serves as a means to break up the nation states – Published on Current Concerns, by Pierre Hillard, August 20, 2012.

Hillard says: “The principle of regionalisation in Europe goes far beyond a simple reorganisation of the old continent. In actual fact its goal is to pass on political, economic financial power to the regions to enable them to negociate directly with the authorities in Brussels.  

This phenomenon is based on the will of the German politics, which succeeded in slipping these measures into politics within context of the European construction”, as Prof Dr Rudolf Hrbek, Professor for political sciences, writes in the magazine Documents, Revue des questions allemandes (documents, review of German issues): “The starting point of this new series of initiatives was the resolution of the conference of prime ministers in October 1987 in Munich, where a Europe with federal structures had been fixed as their goal. Two years later the prime ministers of the Länder established a working group for their state chancelleries and ordered a report about the position of the countries and regions with regard to their prospective development in the European Union.”

All these studies have been accellerated by the government of Lower Saxony in 1996, governed by federal minister Gerhard Schröder. The social deputy of Niedersachsen, Peter Rabe, initiated the draft of recommendation 34 (1997) of the “Congress of the Local and Regional Authorities of Europe” [CPLRE: Congrès des Pouvoirs locaux et régionaux d’Europe]. This document allows for the political reshaping of Europe. The principle itself is simple. It grants a maximum of power to the regions so that they will negotiate more and more directly with the European Union, to the disadvantage of the nation states. With this procedure the intermediary body, in this case the national authorities, are completely bypassed … (full text).


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