When the terrorists ask the terrorized for their support

October 5th, 2012

Published on Intrepid Report, by Kéllia Ramares-Watson, October 4, 2012.

I was a Democrat for many years, a Green for about a decade, and after switching back to the Democrats to vote for Dennis Kucinich in the 2008 California Presidential Primary (two days after he dropped out of the race), I became a Decline-to-State voter. I recently registered for the California Pirate Party, a newly forming political party that stands strongly for free speech rights in the face of corporations who want to control music, art and information under the rubric of “intellectual property.” In short, I have never voted Republican and never will. 

On July 30, 2011, I married a man who is as liberal as I am. He is also a California Pirate; in fact, he registered for the party well before I did. In other words, the Republicans would be wasting their time trying to get our votes. The Democrats would, too. Since the U.S. Pirate Party isn’t running a presidential candidate this year, we will probably vote for Dr. Jill Stein, the (US) Green Party candidate. Then again, we might vote for Roseanne Barr. The government is a joke, so why not have a professional comedian at the top? … //

… We believe in demonetization and the gift economy. We believe that health care, food, and housing are human rights, ENTITLEMENTS. Romney and Ryan seem to be saying that life is a human right. But maybe life is a human right to them only when the anti-abortion voters are listening because they are scandalized by any talk of that which makes life possible, such as health care, food, and housing, also being human rights. That talk is only logical. But then again, we are talking Republicans here. Logic is hard to come by among members of a party many of whom don’t believe in evolution.

Mitt Romney and the Republicans want donations from us?! They want money from people that they put down in private when they think the cameras are off. They wouldn’t bother if they knew who we really were. That’s their problem, isn’t it? They don’t understand most Americans. Not just the 47% Romney disparaged at a private fundraiser but 99% of us, literally, even folks most would call rich, but who know the mark of a man is not the amount of money he makes or how much tax he can legally avoid.

The Democrats are not much better. I will given them this much credit: Their pleas for money come via the Internet rather than snail mail. This means they aren’t killing trees to print their donation bids. But they clog my inbox with junk mail pleading, cajoling and trying to scare me into donating to their side. It won’t work.

The DNC, like the RNC, is a multi-billion dollar organization. It has some rich people on its side. Moreover, the rich corporations on the Democratic side are often the same ones who give to Republicans in the same election cycle, so as to be able to influence both sides and/or hedge their bets in a close race. The days of the wealthy giving their largesse to only one party are long over and why not? Both parties cater to their interests.

Which brings me back to the online and direct mail bids for donations to political campaigns: Why do the demonized poor, the shrinking middle class and the less-secure-than-they-think fairly well-off contribute to these campaigns? Neither side really cares about us. In fact, with the growing negativity of each election cycle, we really should reassess what it is we are supporting … //

… Sorry,Guy, I need those 5 dollars more than you do. You fat cat politicians should be ashamed of trying to get poor people to contribute to their own funeral. Consider this, voters: both sides spend an inordinate amount of time and (our) money trying to scare us about what the other side will do.

Isn’t putting people in fear in order to advance political agenda the very definition of terrorism?

Please don’t give aid and comfort to terrorists by contributing to Democrats or Republicans. Please vote third party or write-in wherever you can. But do vote because boycotting the election sends an ambiguous message. Was it anger or apathy that kept you away?
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(Kéllia Ramares-Watson, an associate editor for Intrepid Report is an independent journalist in Oakland, CA. She can be reached at theendofmoney[at]gmail.com and followed on Twitter at endofmoney).


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