UK sex abusers surrounded Thatcher era

November 13th, 2012

Published on Press TV, by BGH/SSM/HE, Nov. 11, 2012.

It has been found that the paedophile ring in Britain was mostly active during the time of former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, involving a number of MPs who were alleged sex abusers … //

… The report of elite paedophiles on also found that former British Prime Minister Edward Heath, who was defeated by Thatcher and became a backbench critic of the female Tory leader, was known for his perverted abuse of children. One of the victims told a journalist for Online Publishing Company that Jimmy Savile, the BBC star and known friend of Thatcher, was supplying children to Heath. The victim and witness added that young boys were taken on-board Heath’s yacht for abusive acts.

Another online report has also referred to a magazine published in London between 1991 and 1995 titled Scallywag, quoting that a leading political fixer and advisor to Margaret Thatcher, Derek Laud, was a sadist, who violently abused boys causing them to end up in casualty wards.

Meanwhile, The Telegraph reported on November 2 that Labour MP Tom Watson told the Commons that there was “clear intelligence” linking a former aide to a group of sex abusers. Watson stated that the aide was linked to the conviction of Peter Righton, a smuggler of child pornography, who was convicted around 20 years ago.

Moreover, the MPs involved in sex abuse allegations are said to have had access to a children’s home in North Wales called Bryn Estyn. The children’s commissioner of Wales is currently investigating 36 claims of child abuse that may have occurred between the 1970s and 1980s.

The Bryn Estyn residential care officer Paul Bicker Wilson was sentenced to seven years of imprisonment in 1993 for his sex offences against boys.

A former housemaster of Bryn Estyn, Peter Howarth, was also jailed in 1994 for sexually abusing boys as young as 12.

In addition, prominent public figures were allegedly named during public sessions of the North Wales Child Abuse Tribunal by the victims abused, but its judge, Sir Ronald Waterhouse, threatened the media with High Court proceedings if it published the mentioned names. This is suggested to have been a cover-up by Waterhouse, who was coincidently knighted by the British Queen like Savile.

Savile’s abuse case and the emerging paedophile ring inside Britain’s political and elite establishment is believed to be developing into a series of covered-up conspiracies.
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