Restoring A Sense Of Pleasure

February 1st, 2011

Watch this video: Clitoraid – Restoring A Sense Of Pleasure, with Doctor LOKAONDE and with women’s testimony, 13.23 min, speaking about Clitoraid’s construction of the clinic in Burkina Faso to restore the removed clitoris (already published on my Economic Blog on 2011-01-05). 

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You may be unavailable to attend the event (on February 7, 2011 in Abu Dhabi) or, perhaps, you do not reside there. Would you still like to help us to change the life of women victims of FGM? Just e-mail this information to all your friends. I am convinced that with your help it will be possible to find on this planet, at least 2,500 people or more able to give 100 usd (+/-) each in order to attain your goal: to gather 250,000 usd by February 6th to finally open the Pleasure Hospital in Burkina Faso and begin the surgeries free of charge. Thank you for your love.

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