More on Christoph Rehage’s big China walk

May 19th, 2009

Linked with The Longest – a long walk through China

TLW048 Chinese Herbal Medicine, 0.27 min;

TLW 089 Xinjiang Xingxingxia spraypaint /kid tells joke, 1.19 min;

TLW 092 Xinjiang morning tent routine, 2.25 min;

TLW 096 Xinjiang Sandaoling steam train, 1.19 min;

TLW 100 Xinjiang Gobi desert nothingness, 0.25 min;

TLW 101 Xinjiang Shanshan desert fun, 1.39 min;

TLW 1000km walk dance, 0.23 min;

TLW 2000km walk dance, 0.27 min;

TLW 3000km walk dance, 1.24 min;

TLW 4000km walk dance, 0.45 min;

… and all the rest short-videos on YouTube, found under the keyword bigfatspringroll.

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