Swimming techniques: Front crawl

March 2nd, 2013

watch these videos Freestyle Swimming technique videos on YouTube, uploaded by Mark Durnford, who teaches different swimming techniques:


  • Freestyle swimming stroke: SwimforTri.com, Dan Bullock, 3.06 min, uploaded by Tri247tv, 18 mai 2011: The video begins by giving us an excellent view of the length and timing of the stroke. Watch as the swimmer extends himself down the pool, reaching his lead arm towards the wall with each stroke ensuring that he is stretching his body as far as possible by rotating through the hips and shoulder;
  • How to Do a Flip Turn, 1.43 min, uploaded by livestrong, 24 juin 2009: The flip turn is a swimming skill that takes a bit of practice to perfect. The flip turn increases speed when swimming laps. Get expert tips and advice in this swimming video;
  • Underwater Freestyle Flip Turn, 0.07 min, uploaded by Matt Jordan, 21 sept. 2008: This is a short, underwater clip of me messing around doing a freestyle flip-turn @ the pool. Check out my other videos for competitive swimming races, swimming technique, and fitness tips.

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