G20 goes global

September 26th, 2009

Linked with G20 to act as global economy caretakers, and with Secrets of money, interest and inflation and its links.

Media write (see Global Post, Sept. 25, 2009): … The agreements appear to give rising powers such as China more clout in exchange for their commitment to help rebalance the world economy. Leaders will also announce that the G20, which includes China, Brazil, India and other fast-growing developing countries, will become the permanent council for international economic cooperation, eclipsing the Group of Eight … 

First step to Global World Government? Remember, the European Union began as a little group of some states sharing economic concerns.

Real questions: what do you believe should change, if the same predator behavior will be running? If the same social darwinism will be the bible? If elites continue to use peoples as their normal housemaids?

What will change if nothing changes in the global mental construction?

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