Bradley Manning

March 30th, 2013

Full audio with Bradley Manning and Daniel Ellsberg, 67.59 min, March 26, 2013 … and many more on the Website FREE Bradley Manning.

Conference panel War and Conscience (in german, not found in english), 96.27 min, von FreeBradleyManning am 16. März 2013 hochgeladen: Bradley Manning and Julian Assange on Conference “Peace, War and Conscience” on the panel “War and Conscience” in Berlin March 15, 2013. Julian Assange speech starts in video 16.00 min. Moderation Sevim Dagdelen, Member of the German Parliament. Zusätzlicher shortcut mit deutschen Untertiteln thanks to cool berlin.

Updated Links:
Tell Obama to award Bradley Manning for his braver, on FREE Bradley Manning;
The Presidential Citizens Medal: Submit a Nomination for 2013. Deadline March 31, 2013;

Updated Links:

Evergreen Links:

The Collateral Murder Video, 17.47 min, on FREE Bradley Manning, (he released it through wikileaks and then was put to prison);  

Video: Collateral Murder? 24.28 min, uploaded by AlJazeeraEnglish, Apr 19, 2010;

uploaded by RT America:

  • The torture of Bradley Manning on trial, 7.28 min, Nov. 28, 2012: The whistleblower website WikiLeaks has gained the respect of truth seekers across the globe for exposing governmental secrets, but of course not without a few repercussions. Two years ago the site released sensitive information known as “Cablegate” which shed light on organizational corruption and some say this wouldn’t have been possible without the alleged involvement of Private First Class Bradley Manning. Now, Manning is facing the harsh consequence of being a whistleblower and is just now getting his pre-trial hearings for his case. RT Web Producer Andrew Blake brings us the latest from the courtroom …;
  • Bradley Manning describes being tortured, 1.35 min, Nov 29, 2012: A military judge has approved the verbiage of Private First Class Bradley Manning’s appeal where he would plead guilty to some charges of sharing sensitive information to the whistleblowing website WikiLeaks. The judge has yet to approve the deal, but if agreed upon it could land Manning 16 years behind bars. On Thursday, Manning recalled his treatment while being detained in both Kuwait and Quantico, Virginia. Liz Wahl has more …;
  • Bradley Manning – Truth on Trial, 2.32 min, Oct. 1, 2012: … dozens of supporters gathered for an event to raise awareness about the crisis for WhistleBlowers in America and to raise money for Bradley Manning’s Defense Fund;
  • Government lies to judge in Bradley Manning case, 8.52 min, June 7, 2012: After being incarcerated for nearly two years, Army Private Bradley Manning’s pre-trial hearings went underway on Wednesday. Manning is seen as a hero by some, but a traitor by others because of the 22 charges he is facing. Aiding the enemy is the most severe charge and if found guilty could have Manning thrown in jail for life. According to reports, the US government is withholding thousands of documents involving the Manning case which is believed to hurt the US government’s argument. Zack Pesavento, press liaison for the Bradley Manning Support Network, brings us the latest from the courtroom.

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