Index April 2013

April 30th, 2013

2013-04-01: Solving the Syrian riddle;
2013-04-02: Occupy Sandy builds worker power in Far Rockaway;
2013-04-03: Occupy Vision – Chapter 3: Parpolity;
2013-04-04: Abattoir Alternative: Are Guns More Humane than Slaughterhouses?
2013-04-05: listening Euphonium;
2013-04-06: Video: The Max Keiser Report no 427;
2013-04-07: Darker days ahead?
2013-04-07: UDO POLLMER;
2013-04-08: Videos von NuoVisoProductions;
2013-04-08: Anonymous launches massive cyber assault on Israel;
2013-04-09: France: Parti de Gauche launches ecosocialism;
2013-04-10: videos about finance and money;
2013-04-11: Will Wikileaks survive for more leaks?
2013-04-12: Offshore Leaks – an internet video collection;
2013-04-13: The Super-priority Status of Derivatives, Winner Takes All;
2013-04-14: Capitalism is way to nowhere: with Immortal Technique;
2013-04-14: notre pouvoir est dans nos achats;
2013-04-14: Gedanken zur Memetik;
2013-04-15: Re-Opening the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam;
2013-04-16: How wealth is really distributed;
2013-04-17: Meltdown: Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood;
2013-04-18: twice Noam Chomsky;
2013-04-19: Funerals and their Crowds;
2013-04-20: ECB study shows German households poorer than Cyprus’;
2013-04-21: Creating a New World of Shared Values, Compassion and Cooperation;
2013-04-22: Setting History Free;
2013-04-23: Videos on The Real News Network TRNN;
2013-04-23: L’autonomie de la personne âgée et la société;
2013-04-24: Is full employment possible under capitalism?
2013-04-25: Witch Hunt in middle Ages and today;
2013-04-26: WikiLeaks wins case against Visa contractor ordered to pay ‘$204k per month if blockade not lifted’;
2013-04-27: Posthuman Politics Under Biocapitalism;
2013-04-28: Can Co-ops Save Unions?
2013-04-29: US: Fighting Foreclosures, Making The Banks Pay;
2013-04-30: RE: SLAVES.

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