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May 24th, 2013

Published on Intrepid Report (first on legalienate), by Frank Scott, May 23, 2013.

… Just another day at empire’s headquarters.

The imperial subjects in the rest of the world suffer far more with the austerity religion of fundamentalist capital turning Europe into a snake pit of material inequality. Things are much worse in the Middle East with savagery increasing in Syria, as hypocritical clucking from those who are behind the mass murder induces mass nausea among those still spared from the descent into mass idiocy.  

Danger of a wider conflict increases as “the West”—the USA and Israel—bring a dangerous situation threatening a world war to a breaking point, with behaviors that would have an individual put in a straightjacket, heavily sedated and placed under 24-hour watch in a padded cell.

As always, a fiend dictator-murderer-tyrant-genocidal-satanic monster is identified as the cause of everything that is wrong, and as always, this is a gross oversimplification and often a total lie, even when the dictators or tyrants really are awful people presiding over worse regimes. Individuals always loom larger than systems, whether the problems are an unemployed worker who is told she needs therapy to improve her unmarketable neurotic tendencies, or the problem is a CEO or head of state who is made to seem a single-handed creator of misery who needs to be terminated to make everything right, while an entrenched corporate bureaucracy of state is invisible, existing in a social vacuum.

In this environment switching from ruling by AI (artificial intelligence) to dominating with SI (superficial intelligence) could pass without anyone noticing. Apparently it has.

Recent signs of hysterical hypocrisy continue a historic trend but increase in number and seriousness. Israel conducts attacks on Syria and the international community—the USA, Israel and a couple of islands in the pacific—yawns. Syria is alleged to have used chemical weapons, the charges coming from a group less trustworthy than Wall Street banks, and the shrieks and screams from the same minority of ruling jackals drown out the cries of hunger and pain emanating from those who suffer all day, every day, at the ravages of a system that allows a minority to dress up in finery for temporary visits to the opera house, while a near majority wears their reject rags as it moves permanently into the poor house.

The U.S, military suffers an outbreak of rape and suicide, while TV ads implore more youth to seek a career in the exciting field of killing foreigners, raping women compatriots and then killing themselves at contemplation of what a sordid immoral mess their lives have become.

At the rate things are going the legalization of marijuana won’t come soon enough to bring some much-needed relief. Meanwhile, the increased strains and pressures creating more common mental cases who murder or blow up their neighbors are a deeper threat among the supposed leaders and decision makers who not only threaten a family, co-workers or neighbors by totally flipping out, but all of society and maybe the world. These borderline certifiable loonies aren’t funny in that they have or remotely exercise control of nuclear weapons … //

… (full text).

(Frank Scott writes political commentary and satire which is available online at Legalienate. Email him here).


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