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June 6th, 2013

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Michael Cremo: 

  • Video: The Hidden History of the Human Race, FULL TV interview, 45.32 min, uploaded by UniversExplorersTV,  Feb 12, 2013: Michael Cremo is interviewed about his archeological discoveries and the cover up of the scientific community. Cremo gives several examples of archeological evidence that has been suppressed by the establishment in the name of scientific conformity. His books include ‘The Hidden History Of The Human Race’ and ‘Forbidden Archeology’. Richard Thompson is credited by Michael Cremo as a valuable partner in his research;
  • Michael A. Cremo (born July 15, 1948) on wikipedia, also known as Drutakarma Dasa, is an American freelance researcher who identifies himself as a “Vedic creationist”[1][2] and argues that humans have lived on the earth for billions of years.[3] Cremo’s book, Forbidden Archeology, has attracted attention from mainstream scholars who criticized his unorthodox views on archeology[4][5] and called his work pseudoscience [6][7][8]; with it’s Exernal Links;
  • his book: HUMAN DEVOLUTION, A VEDIC ALTERNATIVE TO DARWIN’S THEORY, by Michael A. Cremo, on book-website: New Evidence challenges Darwin’s theory, best-selling author further defies evolutionists;
  • his website: Forbidden Archeology, by Michael A. Cremo; /About: Over the past two centuries researchers have found bones and artifacts showing that people like ourselves existed on earth millions of years ago.  But the scientific establishment has ignored these remarkable facts because they contradict the dominant views of human origins and antiquity.  Cremo and Thompson challenge us to rethink our understanding of human origins, identity, and destiny. Forbidden Archeology takes on one of the most fundamental components of the modern scientific world view, and invites us to take a courageous first step towards a new perspective …;

Banned from the Bible, on History Channel, 90.38 min, uploaded by Uriyehu253, April 11, 2012;

and some books in german/einige Bücher auf deutsch:

Andreas von Rétyi: Geheimakte Gizeh-Plateau, (Kopp Verlag) KOPP;
Erdogan Ercivan: Das Sternentor der Pyramiden, bettendorf;
Erdogan Ercivan: Verbotene Archeologie, KOPP;
Erich von Däniken: die Steinzeit war ganz anders, Bechtermünz;
Erich von Däniken: falsch informiert, KOPP;
J. Douglas Kenyon: die Archäologie-Verschwörung, KOPP;
Johannes Fiebag: die Anderen, Herbig;
Johannes Fiebag: Sternentore, Langen Müller;
Kai Hövelmann: das neue Lexikon des Unerklärlichen, bassermann;
Katharina Cemoing, Jürgen Werlitz: die verbotenen Evangelien, marixverlag;
Luc Bürgin: Chinas mysteriöses Höhlenlabyrinth, KOPP;
Luc Bürgin: Lexikon der verbotenen Archäologie, KOPP;
mehrere Autoren: das Evangelium des Judas, National Geographic;
Pinchas Lapide: ist die Bibel richtig übersetzt? Bechtermünz;
Robert Bauval: der Aegypten Code, KOPP;
Rupert Sheldrake: sieben Experimente, die die Welt verändern könnten, Scherz;
Wolfgang Siebenhaar: die Wahrheit über die Chronik von Akakor, KOPP;
Zecharia Sitchin: der zwölfte Planet, KOPP;
Zecharia Sitchin: die Kriege der Menschen und Götter, KOPP.

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