Turkish PM Erdogan mobilizes supporters and violently clears Gezi Park

June 18th, 2013

Published on World Socialist Web Site WSWS, by correspondents, June 17, 2013.

(First my comment: Rooted both deeply in the Turkish nation, none of the two parties is able to give up and Turkey has a real chance to become the next Syria. Now watch the line Iraq-Syria-Turkey and recognize: the Rainmakers / the owners of the Financial System no longer need Iran as tool to destabilise the world and reduce us to our daily Rice Bowl – and Iran suddenly may loose it’s smell of being the bad boy – Heidi).

… Prime Minister Recep Tayip Erdogan has sought to end the protests against his government with a mixture of duplicity and brutality. He is being aided and abetted by the leaders of the protests, who are playing into his hands. 

The mass demonstrations against Erdogan’s Islamist Justice and Development Party (AKP) government began in Gezi Park in Istanbul in opposition to government plans to bulldoze the park and replace with a retail centre. The park has since been occupied by protesters.

On Friday, Erdogan delivered a speech to regional AKP functionaries, saying he was awaiting a court decision on the fate of the park. If the ruling was positive, he said, the Istanbul authorities would hold a referendum on the park.

He called on the protesters to leave Taksim Square and Gezi Park. “You young people have remained as long as you were able,” he said. “If it is about Taksim Square and Gezi Park, your message has been received and will be taken into account.”

At the same time, he repeated his warnings about foreign secret services and illegal organisations exploiting the protests.

He had previously met in the capital, Ankara, accompanied by high-ranking government officials, with several artists and members of the architectural and engineering professional organizations, who were designated as representatives of the protesters.

The main result of the meeting was a statement that the prime minister would respect the decision of the court regarding the construction plans. What should be a matter of course in a state based on the rule of law was presented by the media and the delegation representing the demonstrators as a concession. The negotiators for the protesters declared in the early hours of Saturday, after the meeting, that Erdogan’s pledge not to push ahead with plans to develop Gezi Park until the court had issued its ruling was a positive sign.

On Saturday, Erdogan spoke before hundreds of thousands of his supporters in Ankara. He attacked the protesters once again as conspirators, traitors and hooligans. To whip up his supporters, he did not shrink from lying, telling them that the demonstrators had forced their way into a mosque wearing shoes and drinking beer and had daubed slogans on the walls. In reality, some of those injured by the police had been allowed into a mosque with the permission of the Imam in order to receive treatment.

On Sunday, Erdogan issued an ultimatum to the protesters. “Tomorrow, we will hold our meeting in Istanbul,” he told jubilant AKP supporters. “I am saying clearly: Taksim Square must be cleared, otherwise the security forces of this country will know what to do.” He added that his forces would speak to the protesters “in a language they understand.”

Police and security forces moved in Saturday evening, when many families and children were present. Turkish media reported Sunday that the government had sent armed gendarme units to reinforce the police on the streets of Istanbul.

Virtually without warning, the police deployed water cannon and tear gas, firing directly at protesters. They also used truncheons and rubber bullets. The city authorities cleared the protest camp and tore down tents.

Tens of thousands turned out in a spontaneous show of opposition to these attacks. There were clashes with the police throughout the night.

The police did not hesitate to use tear gas inside hospitals and hotels where the injured had been taken. Doctors and lawyers spoke of hundreds of seriously injured. Doctors providing first aid sent warnings via Twitter that a chemical had been added to the liquid in the water cannons, leading to first degree burns //

… Only when the working class intervenes into events as an independent force will the conditions emerge for a serious offensive against the regime. This requires a break with Turkish and Kurdish nationalism and the pseudo-left groups and trade unions, and the building of a new party.
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