Collective Stockholm Syndrome: We Love, Respect, Protect Our Abusers

July 3rd, 2013

Published on Dissident Voice, by Paul Haeder, June 30, 2013.

It’s a tough day in the neighborhood. Slip-streaming through the great big rot of the century. Cities are burning. Youth and pensioners are rebelling. The elite and media prostitutes are flailing away. Blame-blame-blame truth tellers, whistle blowers, the people in pain. Collective PTSD. False dichotomies like Ebola. Spreading mistruths, empty visions, and one more million scams by the Chamber of Commerce-Political Mafia Group of One Thousand. Lies about the vision of IT, the value of on-line schools, the death of inequality.  

It sounds like we are a pugnacious society, but it’s all smoke and mirrors and Fox News and goofy blogging and Jon Stewart smarmy millionaire telling us, radicals, what we are. We even have to hire on and throw billions at  people to be our voice boxes, or produce our reality TV great dying off.

Silly one-liner nation. Flaccid, stuck in the eat-drink-screw-entertain-be-merry mode.

We are now the generation of Retailopithecus Eructus. Our collective serotonin and dopamine receptors are fried. We in-put more buzz-feeds, more endless tweets and slimy headline, until lo and behold, we are the products of product merchandising. Koch Brothers Rule Both Parties and the Public Network. Gates-Bezos-Zuckerberg-Google-Geeks work with the masters of the Universe in the Fortune 500 League, with the US DoD and NSA and CIA and POTUS and the SCOTUS to fabricate a five-generation upending labor of pain.

Pre-crime is here to stay. We in the 80 Percent, we all are suspects, perps, persons of interest, felons-to-be, reneging on credit. Our work is our prison. Food and dining and Big Gulps on laps while we whistle Dixie in gridlock in our sweat-labor SUVs watching city street after city street look like a scene from Blade Runner, except this America is the America of low sperm count, faux feminism, selling man, woman and child to the highest bidder dude and dudette.

Our faces and skeletons are changing with each decade of denatured soil, Genetically Altered Burgers, and slimy High Fructose Corn Syrup delights.

Screen time – the land of the walking zone-out zombies scrolling for deals, looking at screens for validation, navel shots, some reinforce that someone out there is our doppelgangesr. We believe in ghosts, think that climate change with be superseded by  a Mormon Meteorite, or that China and India will rule and we’ll all have to go back into a Dickey scene  from Deliverance.

If there is a Man of Steel, all Lilly white and Ken Doll androgynous, then there must be some gooey nougat of oil in the center of earth that we can finally tap into to get the planet really Jules Verne going.

This little dystopic interlude brought to you by the drone seekers . . . Administrators at the colleges getting more and more curriculum advanced from the Surveillance Kings to get our kiddos drone proof-Coder Cool and handmaids to the satellite-guided transnational financial goons running the show, as Ed Sullivan used to say.

We live in a society where people don’t even get off their vocal asses and rant anymore, let alone rebel and use those old bottles of Vodka to some throw that old Molotov Cocktail Party retribution. Is it delayed fetal alcohol syndrome or some ticking confluence of DNA and pre-exoskeleton devolutionary force pushing us closer and closer to imprinted beings set for mass consumption of junk in vitro?

What a sad tale when we spit on Edward Snowden, when we banter about Congress, when we just sigh when more of our public services end up split open on Deadman’s Reef. We have the children of the controlled opposition – almost all Americans are bred by the controlled opposition forces — sending out more emails and blasts pleading for money. “Can you believe it . . . Congress failed to act . . . student loan rates are about to double July 1 . . . what letter writing campaign should we start now?” … //

… (full long long text).

(Paul K. Haeder lived one-year in Seattle working for “the” SEIU (Service Employees International Union), the largest private sector union in the USA (in their pro-Obama PR materials), to organize adjuncts in Bezos-Boeing-Gates land, after having worked as a communications, language, composition, writing instructor of the freeway flyer variety in El Paso for the University of Texas, the El Paso Community College, language institutes, Park College, the US Army, La Tuna Federal Correctional Institute, Packard Electric in Juarez, New Mexico State University, and several cities in Mexico. In Washington State, he taught at Gonzaga University, Spokane Community College, Spokane Falls Community College. He’s job hunting — at that golden age of 56 (and counting down) … just what the progressive-left-of-center non-profits in the Vancouver-Portland “area” want (NOT). He can be reached here. Read other articles by Paul, or visit Paul’s website eco sustain green Sustainability Blog).


Posttraumatic stress disorder PTSD;

Service Employees International Union SEIU.

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