Zahi Hawass seeks secret chambers in the Pyramid of Cheops

June 2nd, 2011

Published on Mysteries-Magazin, by Luc Bürgin, May 2011 – a Free Press Release. 

Top secret mission on the Giza Plateau: Under the strictest of secrecy and on instruction of the controversial Egyptian minister for antiquities, Zahi Hawass, a new mini robot crept through the passageways of the Pyramid of Cheops on the 29th May 2010.

Its aim: To search for previously undiscovered secret chambers of the Pharaoh.

For this purpose the extremely narrow, previously poorly understood southern shaft in the Queen’s Chamber including its mysterious capstone was more thoroughly measured, photographed and researched than ever before – with the help of a new «snake camera».

To this day, the Egyptian authorities do not wish to inform the public of the latest discoveries of their «Djedi Project» under the leadership of mission manager Shaun Whitehead (UK) – although the results of its research are set to be published officially in the upcoming weeks. The Swiss journal MYSTERIES ( therefore unveils some of the most significant news and findings of the secret robot expedition in its latest May/June 2011 issue – world exclusive!

Further research is set to take place soon including the possibility of drilling into any concealed cavities at the end of the southern and the northern shaft in the Queen’s Chambre … (full text).

Videos in german with Luc Bürgin: Verbotene Archäologie, Teil eins, Teil zwei, Teil drei;

Link: Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe, on The Open Chemical Physics Journal, 2009, 2, 7-31: Download the 25 pdf-pages.


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