Get to Work

August 11th, 2013

Reflections on Class, Capitalism, and Purposeful Activity – Published on ZNet, by Paul Street, August 09, 2013.

… No, when rightists and others say those unwilling to work shall not eat, they mean that working class folks should earn their keep by subordinating themselves to employers. They mean that workers should give over their distinctive human capacity for intelligent and planned work to the external and supposedly higher authority of capital, granting it also the privilege of controlling and dividing the surplus generated by that work[9]. They have no problem with the elite business class’s enjoyment of massive public subsidy and protection (corporate welfare) obtained through the legalized bribery of campaign finance (and many other forms of big money influence) or with the ubiquitous and giant upward transfer of value from employees to employers that is central to the profits system … (full long article).

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