Work: 3 Typical Pieces of Financial Expert Advice – Debunked

September 8th, 2013

Published on Rece$$ionista, by blog owner, September 2013.

… 1. Invest in a 401k:

  • I say think about ditching your 401k.
  • The biggest thing to remember about trusting your employer with your investments is: that you are trusting your employer with your investments.
  • If you want the best returns, you are most likely in a stock plan — but that also means that you’re exposed to market risk, meaning that when stocks crash, so does your money.
  • And whatever wealth you are accumulating in a 401k (if any) can be susceptible to inflation risk — because if you are taking macro factors into consideration, you could be wiped out by inflation.
  • One of the most alluring parts of investing in a 401k is having your employer match your contributions. But guess what? Many employers don’t. Many 401ks also have ridiculously high fees and commissions that are simply not worth the risk of the unknown.
  • As the old adage goes, better to take “money in my pocket” over “promises that can’t be kept” any day.

2. Diversify your portfolio!: … //

3.  Buy a home! … //

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(No, don’t stick your money under a mattress! Invest in yourself. Always wanted to be a French Professor? Take a french class … investing in yourself could eventually pay the biggest dividends).


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