India renews interest in IPI project, keeps eye on TAPI

August 25th, 2011

Published on The Express Tribune, by PPI, Aug. 24, 2011.

NEW DELHI: Notwithstanding American pressure, New Delhi has showed renewed interest in the Iran, Pakistan, India (IPI) gas pipeline project, Tribune India reported on Tuesday. Indian official sources denied that India was reluctant in pursuing the ambitious IPI project and was instead keen on an early fruition of the Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India TAPI gas pipeline. “We are an energy-deficient country and to sustain our high growth rate and ensure energy security, we need energy from every possible source,” they added … //

… Iran also repeatedly gave firm indications that China was keen on replacing India in the project and Pakistan also wanted China, its ‘all weather friend’, to join the project.

Indian sources sought to dispel the impression that Washington had been exerting pressure on India to not to pursue the IPI pipeline in view of Iran’s controversial nuclear program. They said various important issues, like pricing of gas, delivery point of gas, project structure, payment of transportation tariff, transit fee for passage of natural gas through Pakistan and security of supply were still not sorted out as far as the IPI project was concerned. “Once our concerns are addressed satisfactorily, we will have no hesitation in going ahead with the project.”

Asked how TAPI pipeline would be more viable for India than the IPI project, which was being negotiated since the 90s, officials reiterated that New Delhi had no problem with either of the projects. (full text).


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