Germany’s Left Party and Nichi Vendola offer their services to the EU

September 9th, 2011

Published on WSWS, by Johannes Stern, 8 September 2011.

In the deepest crisis of capitalism since the 1930s, the German Left Party is offering its services to save the European Union, the euro and European capitalism. This was the main message of a meeting held by the Left Party in Berlin last Sunday.

Keynote speakers at the meeting of the Left Party in Kreuzberg, attended by about a hundred persons (mostly party members), were the chairman of the German Left Party, Klaus Ernst and Nichi Vendola, president of the Italian region of Apulia and leader of the alliance Sinistra Ecologia Libertà (SEL).

The focus of their speeches was to warn that “official governments were incapable of dealing with the crisis in Europe” (Klaus Ernst) and therefore that a strong, new European left was necessary to save Europe and to establish it on new foundations (Nichi Vendola).

The meeting in Berlin by Ernst and Vendola is significant. Both men are seasoned politicians now being called upon to enforce the austerity measures demanded by the financial markets … //

… In an interview on German television a few days ago, Left Party leader Gregor Gysi, declared it was a problem that his party had “never been in federal government.” The Left Party had thereby been unable to prove it had the expertise, “to implement ready-made proposals.”

At the end of the meeting in Berlin, Vendola was asked by a member of the audience about how he would implement his “suggestions” in practice. A member of the Left party wanted to know how he dealt with the “tension between government and movement” as the president of Apulia. The Left Party in Berlin confronted the same problem because it ruled in the city Senate in an alliance with the SPD.

Vendola replied succinctly, that he never tried to force all social movements to endorse his decisions. He needed them as a left cover. “It would be my downfall when social movements cease to criticize me.” The Left Party in Berlin acknowledged this reply with thunderous applause. (full long text).

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