Swissness in danger – the minarets and we

December 9th, 2009

Added January 3: Linked on our blogs with I wonder if all Muslim know this – Islam a la Taliban.

After this vote we are all a bit groggy here in Switzerland and I can no more hear the arguments pro and contra, being too much emotionally an mostly unfair. Unfair from both parts.

My Indian friend wrote a Letter to the Editor published in the Washington Post and re-published on his blog (our geopolitical blog): – giving us an answer with some distance. I agree totally with his view.

1): See also my former comments on this blog:

Fundamentalism in the brain and in the society:

Einbürgerung der Muslime in westliche Staaten? (Muslims becoming definitive citizens with all rights in westener states):
(April 13th, 2008 )
My short translation: I do not accept Muslims becoming European citizens, AS LONG AS:

  • a) The UMMAH IS NOT ABLE TO ACCEPT SECULAR STATES, resp. accepts officially that Muslims submit to westener states when becoming their citizens;
  • b) Moderate Muslims ARE NOT ABLE to give their terrorist fellows (they know) to our police, for punishment, instead of hiding them to our autorities;
  • c) … and I add this today: Muslims kill their fellow when becoming atheist or when (only) leave their religion.

MUSLIMS WANTING BECOME WESTENER CITIZENS HAVE TO SUBMIT TO OUR WESTENER RULES. This includes that girls learn swimming with their school class and participate in EVERY school activity, that children (girls AND boys) are not secretly married against their will during vacation in their homeland, and parents no more obstruct westener education of their children.

If Muslims, and specially parents are not able for this, they shall have only visitor status. If necessary life-long.

Point, no more any discussion.

2): See also my comments on another blog, edited during and after the cartoon debate:
archive February 2006 and archive March 2006 (sorry, then only in german).


An hour later, after a TV report with Muslims in Switzerland shown in a pacific demonstration. They see themselves normally integrated. I guess, life will go on normally and one day we all will cool down again.

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