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Hello world

Friday, July 1st, 2005

Last update and re-handling of the text: April 11, 2008.


My name is Heidi, now I am 71 years old, born in the german speaking part of Switzerland, having been married some times to a french guy, long enough to create four magnific children. These today very grown up individuals are the best result of this time.

Now I live on the 12th floor of a colored city, out of the windows you can contemplate the Jura, a smooth mountain coline between Switzerland and France. Downstairs greening chestnut threes, from the west arrive photogenic clouds, mixed in changing lights. I have time to look around me with some distance.

My personal thoughts are reflected on the following blogs:

on Mein privater Garten, with personal events and reflections in german, my mother language. But since some times also in french and english. It’s my soft light sunny space I will care for. From today on, this blog will not be continued and remain as it is …

… as privat blog I will continue with this one, the former homepage, named Heidi Barathieu-Brun, now with the subtitle: my life – ma vie – mein Leben;

on Heidi’s privat photos I publish some pictures I like, from places I visited or things I want remember. Many flowers, plants, my city, etc.

I give some contributions to the Geneva Office of the Asian-Eurasian Human Rights Forum:

I am daily posting articles from good writers on Economy and Society, for economic-social-political viewpoints,

on NGOs – we and others, where I present esteemed groups of the civil society (meanwhile stopped new entries),

on the World People’s Blog, with every day another person doing good work for this humanity(meanwhile stopped new entries),

and on the Humanitarian Texts, showing texts helping our reflection about the human rights and conditions and all challenges for a better world.

added on 2011-08-23: New since some time: Mein Schreibstuben-Blog in german, with only personal reflections, mainly on human life’s conditions and events.