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Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

(end of this blog – look for continuation on Humanitarian Texts and on Politics for the 99%).

2013-10-01: Medieval music;
2013-10-02: songs for love and life;
2013-10-03: Pink Floyd – some albums;
2013-10-04: Rod Stewart;
2013-10-06: ZDF Terra X: Germany from above / Deutschland von oben;
2013-10-07: Slave Songs;
2013-10-08: Audios with Klaus Schulze;
2013-10-09: hot air balloons … mongolfières;
2013-10-10: US soldiers: Post-traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD;
2013-10-11: TED talks;
2013-10-12: Frederic Chopin;
2013-10-13: Tangerine Dream;
2013-10-14: Kitaro;
2013-10-15: Jean Michel Jarre;
2013-10-16: Vangelis;
2013-10-17: a funny bit of NCIS;
2013-10-18: from the SouthSomewhere channel;
2013-10-19: Native American music;
2013-10-20: LOVE SONGS;
2013-10-21: LARA FABIAN;
2013-10-22: Ofra Haza;
2013-10-23: Dubai;
2013-10-24: young germans in love: Joel Brandenstein and Tim Bendzko;
2013-10-25: in and above Switzerland;
2013-10-26: Spirits of nature;
2013-10-27: less work:
.mes dessins - moyen grands0001 (29) 30p;
2013-11-15: Der überflüssige Mensch;
2013-11-24: Beautiful Chinese Music, Traditional;
2013-11-29: Cartoon;
2013-12-05: some music for calme and pleasure;
2013-12-09: Storm Xaver hits North of Europe;
2013-12-15: Exploring the Deep;
2013-12-21: soft music;
2013-12-31: traveling to see the world.
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traveling to see the world

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

in english and german:

soft music

Saturday, December 21st, 2013

uploaded by kapitoshkatst:

uploaded uploaded by tritonsmasher:

Exploring the Deep

Sunday, December 15th, 2013

uploaded by DW english, June 2008:

  • Part 1: Life under the Sea, 5.34 min; Heiko Sahling is a biologist and deep sea geoscientist at the MARUM Research Center. The area he studies is in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Pakistan. There, at depths down to 3,000 meters, something fascinating is happening …;
  • Part 2: The Secret of Underwater Asphalt, 5.16 min: Florence Schubotz is a geochemist at MARUM. She studies a very special habitat in the Gulf of Mexico. There at depths of 3,000 meters large areas of the sea floor are covered with swathes of asphalt …;
  • Part 3: Traces of Climate Change, 5.21 min: MARUM scientists Ursula Röhl and Alex Wülbers are investigating what the ocean floor has to tell us about the climate in the past. The geologists are part of the international IODP (Integrated Ocean Drilling Program) project …;
  • Part 4: Corals in the Cold, 5.28 min: Marine geologist Claudia Wienberg studies animals whose existence was unknown until a few years ago – cold water corals that live in the cooler regions of the Atlantic or the Mediterranean …;
  • Part 5: Tomorrow today, 4.47 min: Deep sea exploration is viewed by marine scientists as one of the greatest scientific challenges of the future. This gigantic research area is a little known world …;

Storm Xaver hits North of Europe

Monday, December 9th, 2013

a trail of destruction as storm Xaver hits Europe – see Photos and Videos:

some music for calme and pleasure

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013